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to restore...to revitalize...to reinforce the zest for LIFE!

Welcome to prayatna

Each one of us is different. Our personalities, our ways of solving problems are all unique. So also, every child born in this world is unique in his/her developmental pattern and achievement. While some children grow and develop skills easily, there are some kids who require assistance in their developmental process.

We, at Prayatna, aim to identify each child's strengths and needs and help him/her learn and develop skills for an independent and comfortable life. The positive and reinforcing atmosphere at Prayatna facilitates a child to deal with the challenges in life effectively. This is made possible by a team of multi-functional professionals who work together in shaping the future minds for creating a brighter tomorrow.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals are trained in their respective fields and committed to provide individualized services by adapting effective technologies and intervention methods. We strongly believe that parents are an integral part of the therapeutic process and empower them with knowledge and skills required for their child's development.

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