Our Values

Our values are impelled by the desire to provide the best treatment possible by early identification and interventions for all childhood developmental disabilities, while maintaining high professional standards and integrity. It provides us the framework of how we work and achieve success.

Multidisciplinary approach for the Best Results - Our integrated multidisciplinary style of working enables appropriate identification and organized intervention. Our diagnosis and therapeutic procedure involves collective effort of professionals from multiple services.
Integrity & Open Door Policy - We encourage involvement from parents, and allow them take part in sessions whenever possible so that they can see in real time what we are doing and understand therapy procedures for effective exercises at home.
Making a difference with Individualized & Personalized Services - Therapists work one-on-one basis with each child and give individualized personal attention for each client. Our intervention programmes are custom-made addressing the needs of each child. Our therapists are trained in different approaches and methods to allow them to choose and apply the best one based on the client. Our therapies and interventions are outcome-focused with individualized goals, both short term and long term to ensure results. Goals are developed based on the evaluation done by the therapist and also parental concerns.
All Services Under One Roof - For clients who require multiple services (Behavioral Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Physiotherapy, Special Education) we provide the convenience of one location for all services, as well as the guarantee of a coordinated effort between the professionals working with the child.
High Professional Standards with Qualified and Experienced Therapists - We make sure to recruit the best therapists, and create an environment where each therapist gains team support, additional training and learning which eventually enables them to provide better outcome to clients.
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