I am thankful to my friend who had suggested your centre for occupational therapy. It is 4 months since he began occupational therapy and sensory integration therapy at Prayatna and I see real big changes in him. My son never used to look at people or respond when called. Now, it makes me happy to say that he not only looks at people but sometimes even smiles at those who call him. He has started to express his liking by giving kisses. His self-biting habit has reduced and also there is some control in his tantrums. I am thankful to your therapists for the concern they take in my child .... the individual attention and all the tips they give me to improve his social skills. As advised by the therapist, he was started on speech therapy. I am happy to say that, he now responds to my small commands. I am totally happy with the progress is my child and thanks a lot to your team.

R.M, Thrissur

When my child was brought to your centre, he was not able to do many things which children of his age were doing. Upon your advice, he was started on Occupational therapy and speech therapy. Now it is more than 8 months and I am really happy with the improvement he has made. He has more confidence now and physically he is more active. He has started to enjoy sports and meeting people. He in fact looks forward for each session to meet the therapists and the playful activities that they make him do. I thank both the therapists for the changes they have made in my son and our life.

P. V, Ernakulam

We came to Prayatna with apprehensions. When my son was diagnosed with ASD, we were working in UK where therapy treatments and appointments were hard to be fixed and too costly for us to bear. But we were then fearful of shifting to Kerala for we were unsure of the therapy procedures and the standards maintained here. As we realized that it is necessary to do something at the earliest we decided to shift to our native place and came to Prayatna. It is now 6 months since my child started occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education at your centre and I am more than happy with the progress he has made. He is now more socially aware, has improved a lot in his gross motor skills, has started to play with other kids and responds to commands. I am happy and thankful for all the suggestions and advise.

R.N, Ernakulam
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